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Hawaii disability insurance lawyers Jason Newfield and Justin Frankel represent claimants who can no longer work because of a serious illness or injury at every stage of the claims process. Even in a world-famous setting like Hawaii, there are men and women who face the challenge of needing to file for disability insurance benefits. The firm has focused its practice on the needs of disability claimants since it was founded and represents clients in all 50 states, including Hawaii.

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Known around the world for its lush tropical vegetation, scenic beaches and fabulous resorts Hawaii is a dream destination for honeymooners, a retirement community for those lucky enough to leave the mainland, and a chain of islands where tourism is a driving economic force. Hawaii is the only state comprised completely of islands, and includes hundreds of small islands in addition to the best known eight islands, including Maui, the Island of Hawaii, known as "The Big Island" and Lanai being the better known destinations.


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Hawaii is not just a tourist destination. It is also home to 1.4 million full time residents, many of whom are native to the island and many who have come from the mainland to pursue their lives in a tropical paradise. But even in paradise, illness and disability take their toll, and the same challenges faced by claimants on the mainland exist on the Hawaiian islands. For those facing the financial hardships of disability, the effect may be worse living in an island state, where nearly all goods must be transported from far away ports and the cost of living is extremely high.

For Hawaiian disability insurance claimants facing challenges, it is important to know that disability insurance appeals and litigation matters can be handled by law firms on the mainland. Because of the complex nature of disability insurance law, which is generally not well understood by attorneys who do not practice in this area, it is important to retain law firms with experience and knowledge in this practice area. While there are certain areas of the law that can be practiced by general attorneys, disability insurance law is not one of them.

Frankel & Newfield has been dedicated to representing claimants in disability insurance matters since the firm was founded, and both partners had dedicated their practices to disability insurance law before starting the firm. Their years of experience, knowledge and familiarity with the law and the important members of the national disability insurance community gives them a depth of service that only a firm this focused can provide.

Today, professional service firms represent clients regardless of where they live, and disability insurance law is an example of how the use of email and express mail has made representing clients located even as far away as Hawaii an everyday occurrence. Choosing a disability insurance attorney based on experience and knowledge, and not location, opens the possibility for the wisest selection of attorneys.

Justin Frankel and Jason Newfield are AV® rated by Martindale-Hubbell, both are Super Lawyers and both represent clients across the country in disability insurance matters.

Justin C Frankel

Written By:

Justin C. Frankel

Disability Insurance Attorney