Living in the great Natural State of Arkansas is always sure to bring wonderful experiences. Frankel & Newfield are long term disability insurance lawyers who have a broad range of experiences and have worked throughout the entire U.S. They’ve worked with claimants who’ve been persistently nagged by insurance company representatives for more information, filed for disability insurance benefits and been denied, and more.

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Arkansas’ name comes from the Siouan derivation denoting Quapaw Indians. The state has a diverse geography ranging from the lowlands with the Mississippi River and Arkansas Delta, the dense forests known as the Arkansas Timberlands to the mountain regions of the Ozark. This geographical diversity makes Arkansas a haven for seekers of the outdoors and adventurers. The population of the state places it in 32nd; Little Rock is both the capital and most populous city of the state. The northwestern corner is a hub for education and economics for the region.


Life in Arkansas is without a doubt a blast, it is a state with great opportunity, especially for those in the manufacturing field. The weather is warm and humid throughout the summer months and even in the winter the temperature rarely drops below 32 degrees F. Despite such pleasant weather, when you are disabled, going to work can be virtually impossible. Justin Frankel and Jason Newfield, who are both AV® by Martindale – Hubbell, have represented clients all across Arkansas with long term disability insurance matters during all steps of their claims. Insurance companies generally employ a variety of traps in order to draw the claims process out and make it exhausting, such as investigations and surveillance.

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This is why we advise every client to stop using any form of social media, particularly those involving pictures and refrain from unnecessary outdoor activities. You may believe a simple picture of you and a friend who’s visiting on a social media site is harmless, but the reality is insurance companies will try to track photos such as this down and use them against you. This can jeopardize your claim. We understand family and friends will visit you and want to take pictures or even videos of you. Respectfully request that they refrain from this and explain to them the issues that could ensue should your insurance company obtain them.

We understand the people of Arkansas are known for being rugged and outdoorsy people who enjoy travelling many of the state’s beautiful national parks. Unfortunately, we have to ask that you refrain from spending time outside, especially if it involves anything beyond sitting and relaxing. Insurance companies are known to hire investigators who will try to record you on camera while you’re outside. Even though that walk may be a struggle for you and you’re only doing it because you’re tired of sitting inside all day please try to refrain. While this type of recording may appear to be an invasion of privacy, according to the law, such video surveillance is legal. On top of that, it’s inexpensive. So when going through the process of filing a claim, please keep an eye peeled for suspicious vehicles and/or people in your neighborhood.

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Jason A. Newfield

Written By:

Jason A. Newfield

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