What You Need To Know Before You File

The best way to prepare for a disability insurance claim is to consult with an attorney. At Frankel & Newfield, P.C., we handle clients' initial claim filing, gathering medical and occupational support for the claim. We work with the client, the treating physician and, where appropriate, financial professionals to develop appropriate support.

We manage the entire claim process, including addressing the insurance company's request for additional information and/or requests for examinations, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE), and field visits and interviews. In this way, we are able to spot issues before they become claim problems. Engaging the firm at the outset is always the best strategy, since we can anticipate and pre-empt claim concerns that can potentially harm a claim.

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  • Know the tactics used by the insurance companies.
  • Hold high AV Ratings & received the Super Lawyers designation each year.

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Planning For A Denial Is The Best Strategy

When preparing for the disability claims process, it is important to understand how complex the disability claims process is and recognize that it is loaded with potential problems. It helps if you consider that your claim is going to be scrutinized for any possible denial. Any information — from medical reports to telephone conversations — will become part of a file that may be used in administrative or legal proceedings to deny your claim. Starting with that premise may sound negative, but it is actually the best way to prepare to file a claim.

Prepare Your Long-Term Disability Claim With An Experienced Team

For individuals with complex medical conditions, or those who have multiple policies, preparing a claim from the start with an experienced lawyer can make all the difference, in the short- and long-term. We know that you and your loved ones are already overwhelmed. This is one less headache for you to deal with.

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