The 4 W’s

The 4 W's

The Four W’s represent the key elements of our disability insurance practice. We felt that this was the best way to gather this important information in a single area, so that visitors to the site would find the information they needed easily and quickly.

WHO we help. Frankel & Newfield represents individuals from all walks of life, and we have listed many occupations based on those we see on a more frequent basis. We can help you with your disability insurance claim, regardless of whether or not your exact occupation or title is included in our list.

WHAT disabling conditions our claimants suffer from. Often the disability insurance company has a protocol in place for addressing claims based on the particular condition, so we have created an extensive list of the types of illnesses, injuries and conditions that we represent. We can help you even if your particular disability is not on the list, or if you suffer from a combination of disabilities.

WHICH disability insurance companies we have fought. We have included a comprehensive list of the major disability insurance companies, and some that are less well known. It is important to note that many of these companies are bought and sold, names change, and you so may have a policy with one disability insurance company that is actually owned by another disability insurance company. Call us if you have questions about the company that sold you the policy.

WHERE we have represented claimants. We have represented claimants in nearly all states across the country, and our representation is not hampered by not being in your home town. Because disability insurance law is such a highly specialized area of the law, you will benefit from working with attorneys who have years of experience in disability law. A local attorney, even a great one, who does not practice in this area of the law, will not be able to represent you as well. We can and do work as co-counsel with local attorneys, but we also can represent you in any state.